Wednesday, January 22, 2014


January 2014; 145(1):121e1-e2.
Get a jump-start on your CE requirements for the year 

Each month, our Continuing Education editor Allen Moffitt selects 4 articles from the journal and creates a 16-question quiz. Read the articles, then take the multiple-choice quiz online, at www.aaoinfo.org.  Pass the test, and immediately add 3 credits to your online credit manager. 

After completing the January 2014 test, you will have:
1. A knowledge of the changes in the open-bite relationship in patients
with an open-bite tendency during their growth and development.
2. A familiarity with the potential use of dental calcification as a diagnostic
tool for evaluating the pubertal growth spurt.
3. An understanding of the different effects produced by 2 skeletal
anchorage rationales for treating Class III patients.
4. An awareness of laypersons' perceptions for asymmetries between
the gingival margins of the maxillary canines.

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